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    InSyte BioGene has decided to take advantage of its new molecular biology facility and dedicated team of molecular biologists, to provide an assay design and data analysis service to its customers.
  • Real-time and multiplex PCR assay design
  • Improve existing assay performance
  • Sequencing and fragment length data analysis-including Next-Gen sequencing

Ultra-Rapid Thermal Cycling

  • Complete real-time detection in under 15 minutes
  • Automated results analysis
We are particularly interested in applications where, rapid, accurate detection is required. Previous examples include testing pre-implantation diagnostics and genotyping assays. The InSyte system, in collaboration with our expert advice will allow users to set up Ultra-Rapid tests for critical applications.

BioGene has experience working as a commercial partner in research council funded projects and would be interested in hearing from any interested parties

Data analysis

screengrab 2 BioGene has been the UK partner for the SoftGenetics analysis products for over 5 years and as such has in depth experience of analysing all sequencing and fragment length analysis projects.
  • Sequencing analysis, contig generation and mutation screens-including next-gen sequencing
  • Fragment length analysis projects including AFLP, MLPA and DNA fingerprinting
A particular example of recent projects is the field of next-generation sequencing, as many new users are generating data and yet have no means of analysing the output or budget for the necessary infrastructure. BioGene would be happy to discuss and assist in this area. The service is for data analysis from Illumina, Roche 454 or AB SOLiD NextGen systems.

To find out more about Next-Gene Next Generation Sequencing Software from Softgenetics, please click here.

Standard Sanger sequencing or any form of fragment length analysis such as AFLP or MLPA.

Please contact us at analysis@biogene.com to see if we may be of assistance.

Sequence Alignment screengrab

Instrument and software design

In addition to molecular biology experience, BioGene has a dedicated team of engineers and software programmers.

If your organisation is seeking a commercial partner to help bring your ideas to the marketplace-then maybe we could help. To discuss any potential collaboration, please contact engineering@biogene.com and we will arrange to call you.


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