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Seegene Products

Seeplex™ STD Kit Logo
Seeplex STD Kit - NEW!
Multiplex PCR technology which uses Seegene's new DSO™ technology is the first DNA amplification method developed that allows numerous pathogens to be accurately analysed at one time.
GeneXp™ Kit Logo
GeneXp™ Kit - NEW!
Only a single reaction is necessary to amplify multiple genes of interest.
One reaction is sufficient to amplify multiple genes simultaneously in a single reaction.
GeneFishing™ Kit Logo
GeneFishing™ Kit
All of the GeneFishing™ DEG Premix Kits comprise 20 randomly selected arbitrary ACPs and each DEG Kit works equally for your target samples.
Forever Marker Logo
Forever Marker
This unique endless usage ladder system is clearly distinguished from any existing commercialised consumables DNA ladder. This system supplies templates and primers to amplify various size markers.
DNA Walking Kit Logo
DNA Walking Kit
This kit is directed to the method using our unique DNA Walking ACP primer designed to capture unknown target sites under optimised PCR conditions.
Seegene Logo
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