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SoftGenetics Products Datasheet

Geneticist Assistant NGS Interpretative Workbench

Geneticist Assistant NGS Interpretative Workbench- NEW!

This new tool is a unique package designed to allow users of all next-gen sequencing systems to check QC, make pathogenicity predictions and search and archive patient runs.


GeneMarker MTP

Analyse over 1000 genotyping samples in a single run and with up to 6 different analysis templates concurrently.



  • Accurate user-friendly expert system genotyping
  • Automated Detection and Quantification of Chimerism
  • Multi-lineage Analysis and linked navigation
Mutation Surveyor Logo

NextGene Sequencing Software
• Compatible with all Next Generation systems
• Performs Assembly, SNP/Indel detection, Transcriptome Analysis
• “Low-end” Hardware Requirements
• Easy & Intuitive User Interface
• Exclusive SoftGenetics technical support

GeneMarker Luminex Software Logo

GeneMarker Luminex Software
BioGene announce the introduction of a new module in GeneMarker® software for MLPA analysis utilising Luminex xMap technology, which was developed in collaboration with Dr. Brian Dawson, of the Mayo Clinic and Foundation.
MLPA has proven to be an important technique in the detection of exon copy number changes associated with breast and colon cancers, as well as trisomies found in Down Syndrome (3, 4, 5).

Mutation Surveyor Methylation Sequence Data Analysis Logo
Mutation Surveyor Methylation Sequence Data Analysis
One of the methods of deducing the methylation state of a DNA molecule is the use of bisulfite treatment. Bisulfite treatment of DNA samples converts C to T in a DNA sequence, without converting methylated C bases in CpG sites. DNA sequencing is an excellent way to measure DNA methylation state. Mutation Surveyor software is a powerful software tool using unique comparison technology to detect nucleotide changes between two sequence traces.
Mutation Explorer Logo
Mutation Explorer
Mutation Explorer processes up to 48 lanes, 24 bi-directional, of patient DNA sequence traces. Data input can be from either slab gel or capillary sequencers, using either terminator or primer chemistries. The detection parameters in Explorer have been “sealed” to provide analyst to analyst consistency.
Mutation Surveyor Logo
Mutation Surveyor
Mutation Surveyor is available in 400 and 48 lane capacities. The program rapidly locates all differences between the wild type sequence and sample traces with excellent accuracy and sensitivity. The program can be used with either single direction or bi-directional data.
GeneMarker™ AFLP/Genotyping software Logo
GeneMarker AFLP/Genotyping Software
GeneMarker™ AFLP/Genotyping software has been designed and created in order to provide genetic researchers with a highly useable genotyping analysis tool. We incorporated the suggestions and requirements of several research groups into the software. Their main requirements were ease of use, high accuracy, flexibility and low acquisition cost.
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