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August 2004, BioGene/SoftGenetics

Enhanced Alignment & Indel Detection
SoftGenetics Teams with BioGene in the UK

We would like to introduce you to two exciting events, both recently done to enhance our services and products for the United Kingdom research community!

1. Enhanced Indel Detection:
Perhaps some of you were present at a recent discussion of DNA variant software packages where it was indicated that although Mutation Surveyor is an excellent program, it had a shortcoming relating to the detection of short Indels. We are pleased to inform you that our development team, which had been working on this particular issue for some time, has improved the software so that this is now possible.

We are also pleased to inform you that version 2.4 of Mutation Surveyor (to be released shortly) has a second alignment algorithm that, when combined with our robust linear alignment algorithm, has proven to be effective in detecting 1bp Indels, as well as having the capability to align sequences containing up to 10% variants from the reference:

Figure 1 Detection of 1bp indel
Figure 2. Mutation Surveyor’s new alignment engine will
align traces containing up 10% variation vs. reference trace

2. BioGene Appointed as UK Representative:
We are pleased to announce the appointment of BioGene as the United Kingdom representatives for SoftGenetics.
We are confident that our new business agreement will provide UK researchers with the strongest possible partnership of product and technical support. Please contact BioGene with questions or to receive a 30 day trial version of SoftGenetics’ Variant Analysis Software and/or our new GeneMarker AFLP/Genotyping software.

SoftGenetics products are available now!
SoftGenetics Product information

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