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February 2005, SoftGenetics

Release of Mutation Surveyor Software Version 2.5

We are pleased to inform you of the new functionalities and reporting capabilities that are included in the latest version of Mutation Explorer and Mutation Surveyor.

Each addition to the program is the result of needs requested and developed in collaboration with users. Our goal has been and remains to quickly respond to user’s growing list of requirements, in order to assure continued improvement in the speed and accuracy of your discovery or diagnostic activity.

Version 2.5 Updates:

  • Improved Het-Indel alignment and sensitivity algorithms
  • New tool for multiple primer data alignment
  • Additional printing & reporting capabilities
  • New & Enhanced “Whole Gene” mutational analysis tools
  • Sequence text & consensus reporting
  • Basecall scoring
  • Basecall editing
  • Automated downloading of “GenBank” sequence text
  • Automated Mobility Shift correction
  • Enhanced false positive Filter
  • mRNA-cDNA nomenclature converter
  • New genotype reporting
  • Somatic & Germline comparison reporting
  • High sensitivity detection of Mosaic peaks
  • New report customisation tool
  • New FASTA file trace converter
  • Easy addition of non-reported mutations to GBK files

 For more details, download the Mutation Surveyor Software v2.5 PDF PDF icon (518Kb)

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