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July 2005, SynChron

SynChron: Ultra-Rapid Thermal Cycler

Introducing the worlds fastest thermal cycler, capable of completing a 35 cycle 113 bp amplification in as little as 6 minutes!

Integrated Thermal Control (ITC), the basis of this advance, makes the tube itself the heater element. This allows peak temperature ramp rates of 50ºC per second, meaning a cycle can be completed in as little as 10 seconds. Additionally, each tube has its’ own temperature sensor, ensuring each well remains within 0.1ºC of its’ target temperature, completely removing the possibility of “edge effects” and well-well temperature variation.

Equally important is the flexibility of the system, supplied in a convenient 96 well format. Each tube can be individually controlled allowing multiple tests to be completed in a single 10 minute run. Optimisations can also be carried out in a similar fashion as 96 completely different profiles can be run at once.

The most marked benefit to the user is the improvement in quality of the resulting product. As less time is spent at deleterious temperatures-there are markedly fewer primer dimers and spurious products, meaning a clearer result every time.

For full SynChron Information:
SynChron Product information

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