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September 2006, SoftGenetics - GeneMarker® HID - STR Human Identity Software
Developed in collaboration with Mitchell Holland, Ph.D.,
Associate Director of The Pennsylvania State University’s Forensic Science Program.

GeneMarker® HID is an excellent choice for forensic STR analysis. The software can be employed as a “biologist friendly” replacement for GeneScan®/GenoTyper® or an easy-to-use alternative to GeneMapper® ID.

GeneMarker® HID uses advanced Windows® technology that is intuitive, easy-to-learn and eliminates extraneous mouse clicks. For example, the software incorporates an automatic default to your data file folder, eliminating the frustration of sorting through several file trees.

Advantages of GeneMarker® HID are its ease-of-use, enhanced accuracy, analysis speed and robustness. GeneMarker® HID employs new, unique sizing algorithms and pattern recognition technology to provide unparalleled accuracy of up to 99%. Pattern recognition technology studies peak morphology automatically adjusting for instrument spikes, colour pull-up or bleed through, noisy data, saturated peaks, and stutter peaks.

The majority of functions have been completely automated, using a “smart” software approach to eliminate the need for constant analyst intervention, and to improve analysis-to-analysis consistency.

GeneMarker HID Features:

  • Enhanced Accuracy
  • Rapid Data Processing
  • Compatibility with ABI 310/3100/3130
  • Embedded ABI and Promega Kit Panels
  • RFU Intensity AutoRanging
  • Distinct Flag of OL Alleles
  • Customisable Panels and Size Standards
  • Exportable CODIS and LIMS Reports
  • Bulk Printing Capabilities

 For more details, download the GeneMarker HID Software PDF PDF icon (1.02Mb)

 More GeneMarker HID information

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