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October 2006, New GeneMarker® module for MLPA Analysis Using Luminex xMap® Technology

BioGene announce the introduction of a new module in GeneMarker® software for MLPA analysis utilising Luminex xMap technology, which was developed in collaboration with Dr. Brian Dawson, of the Mayo Clinic and Foundation.

MLPA has proven to be an important technique in the detection of exon copy number changes associated with breast and colon cancers, as well as trisomies found in Down Syndrome (3, 4, 5). Coupling MLPA with Luminex microsphere technology has the potential to also be as important in the detection of copy number changes associated with Niemann-Pick type C (6, 7, 8), alpha-thalassemia (8) and other genetic diseases. Accurate analysis of Luminex-microsphere flow cytometry instrument generated data is critical to disease diagnosis.

GeneMarker® now includes a Luminex-MLPA module that quickly and accurately analyses data from Luminex instruments (Luminex 100 and Luminex 200). The software is compatible with the Luminex instrument data format (*.csv). GeneMarker® Luminex-MLPA analysis automatically performs background subtraction, and flags suspect intensities according to user-specified thresholds. The software selects the least variable sample, from the sample set to act as the reference for determining copy number change within the patient sample set. For further information or a trial of the software please visit contact us.

 For more details, download the GeneMarker Luminex xMap Technology Software PDF PDF icon (187Kb)

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