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March 2006, SoftGenetics - Automated Methylation State Analysis Module

Introducing the latest advancement in the Mutation Surveyor sequence analysis package:

Automated methylation state analysis;

There is a new analysis type for the Mutation Surveyor package that allows the methylation state of the sequenced DNA to be established following bisulfite treatment. Essentially, the software is able to compare the sequenced DNA to the published Genbank sequence and search for the substitutions introduced following bisulfite treatment of unmethylated DNA, thereby allowing the methylated areas of the DNA to be deduced.

For further information please see the Mutation Surveyor section of our website.

For new users;

Mutation Surveyor is a powerful sequence analysis tool that, unlike other software packages, performs an actual trace-to-trace comparison of your sequencing analyses. This allows accurate detection of, for instance insertions and deletions as the software is using the actual data set as opposed to a simple text based comparison system. The software allows rapid comparison of up to 400 sequences to be compared in a single run, via a simple to use graphical interface.

For those groups routinely performing fragment length analyses, we also have a package that is able to rapidly analyse 400 data sets in a single run. Gene Marker features support for all standard fragment length analyses, but with additional pedigree, MLPA and AFLP segments included- allowing users to perform all their analysis in a single easy to use package.

Both Mutation Surveyor and Gene Marker can analyse data from any sequencing instrument.

 For more details, download the Mutation Surveyor Sequence Analysis Package PDF PDF icon (141Kb)

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