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August 2006, SoftGenetics - Program Upgrades
Enhancements for Mutation Surveyor™ and Mutation Explorer® v. 3.0:

Mobility Correction for ABI 3700 systems
Both programs now include a “Raw data” re-processing and base calling feature to correct mobility issues frequently observed with the newer Applied Bio Systems Sequence instrumentation and KB basecaller.

Automated Methylation Detection
Mutation Surveyor now utilises its unique physical trace comparison technology to detect methlyation in CpG islands. The GenBank sequence of the DNA of interest is used as a “ruler” to report nucleotide changes, including methylations and mutations. The methylation function of Mutation Surveyor utilises the GenBank sequence text or derivatives of the sequence text and converts it into a synthetic reference sequence. This synthetic reference sequence is then physically compared to the sample sequence traces from bisulfite-treated DNA to find nucleotide differences.

Enhanced Het-Indel Detection
Improved Indel detection algorithm can differentiate tandem Het-Indels.

Heterozygote & Methylation Quantification
Mutation Surveyor now quantitates the percent of methlylation as well as the percent heterozygosity based upon the change in intensity, or dropping factor.

New editors permit rapid conversion to cDNA.
New .gbk & .seq editors permit easy conversion to cDNA.

Automatic Linkage to Database
Version 3.0 features a new data table for exporting to your Lims or other database. User can select from multiple fields.

Base Call Editing
Erroneous base calls can now be edited. Mutation Surveyor™ also employs an “intelligent” base call editor that seeks the same position in all traces within the batch and automatically edits that position’s base call.

Trimming Options
Trim data by quality of base score or by Bp in either the 3’ & 5’ direction.

Project Comparison
SGP Comparison feature compares 2 projects indicating concordance between analysts or references.

Colour-Coded Reporting of SNPs & other mutations
Reports non-synonymous or missense mutations.

 For more details, download the Mutation v3.0 PDF PDF icon (723Kb)

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