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March 2007, SoftGenetics - AFLP Analysis of Gel Electrophoresis Images:


Gel electrophoresis is used in forensics, molecular biology, genetics, microbiology and biochemistry. The results can be analyzedquantitatively by visualizing the gel with UV light and a gel imaging device. The image is recorded with a computer operatedcamera, and the intensity of the band or spot of interest is measured and compared against standard or markers loaded on thesame gel.
Many DNA fragment analysis techniques use gel electrophoresis to separate fragments based on size. Examples of thesetechniques include AFLP®, microsatellite, ecotilling, TILLING®, T-RFLP, SNP discovery, fingerprinting, footprinting, etc. (1-3).Often the gel images are overcrowded and tedious to analyze and with the advent of capillary electrophoresis, softwaredevelopment to analyze these gel images has fallen by the wayside. SoftGenetics has recently developed software to fill thisgap - JelMarker. JelMarker uses advanced image reading algorithms and specific band scoring techniques to minimize theamount of time a researcher devotes to identifying and sizing fragments. Included is an example of how the AFLP techniqueanalyzed with JelMarker in combination with GeneMarker can make gel image analysis a breeze!
Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphisms – or AFLP - was first introduced in 1995 by KeyGene N.V. as a method for analyzing,comparing, and differentiating organisms using an entire genome approach (4). AFLP has increasingly become the technique ofchoice for phylogeny analysis and species differentiation (5). To streamline researchers’ AFLP procedure, GeneMarker fragmentanalysis software analyzes AFLP data and applies clustering algorithms for simple differentiation of complex species models.With JelMarker image reading software, researchers using gel separation can also tap the power of GeneMarker’s patented sizecalling algorithms and clustering analyses without expensive capillary electrophoresis equipment.
JelMarker was developed in response to a growing demand for software that can analyze fluorescence, chemiluminescence andautoradiography gel image files – especially those from LI-COR®4300 DNA Analyzer and KODAK®Image Station 4000R.JelMarker can import up to two TIFF, BIP, JPEG, and TXT files for comparison analysis. The software exports SCF files for easyupload to the fragment analysis software - GeneMarker..


 For more details, download the AFLP Analysis of Gel Electrophoresis Images PDF PDF icon (1.49 Mb) and the JelMarker Gel Imaging and Conversion Software PDF PDF icon (350 Kb)

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