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March 2007, SoftGenetics -Mutation Surveyor version 3.1 Introduction:

Purpose: Highly sensitive, automated detection of DNA variants in medical research and clinical applications.

Customer Groups: Medical genetic research in institutions; genetic diagnostic laboratories, animal research, pharmaceutical genetic research. Cancer research and diagnostics are primary targets.

1. Patented “anti-correlation” technology performs actual physical comparison of sample/patientsequence traces to locate with high sensitivity (1part cancer cell in 18 parts normal cell) with99.5% accuracy with bi-directional data.
2. Only software tool available to locate “somatic” mutations
3. Detects all DNA Variants, homozygote, Heterozygote, Homozygote Indels, Het-Indels
4. De-convolutes Het-Indels into 2 clean traces
5. Universal, accepts data from all major capillary sequencers, all chemistries.
6. Easy-to-Use Windows interface
7. Includes BaseQuant quantitative base caller
8. Methylation Sequence detection


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