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Enhanced SNP & Indel Analysis of Illumina® Genome Analyzer data in latest release of NextGENe software suite


July 11, 2008, State College PA, announced the release of the latest version of its NextGENe software which includes improved SNP and Indel capabilities over prior versions of the software. A recent study conducted in collaboration with a leading Midwestern medical research institution on mitochondrial DNA samples from several individuals were sequenced on the Illumina® Genome Sequencing system and analyzed with both the NextGENe and in-house developed software. NextGENe results were extraordinary with less than .5% false positives and less than no false negatives.

"Crucial to accurate analysis of short fragment sequencing, states Jonathan Liu, VP development, is correct assembly and lignment. In NextGENe we have incorporated a very unique condensation tool (patent applied for) which statistically polishes the data, removing chemistry and instrument related errors, followed by raw data sorting by a 12 bp anchor sequence and the sequence shoulders and finallyassembly by further condensation cycles. The assembled sample data is then compared to a gen bank or other reference with the software automatically displaying both SNP and Indels".

In addition to Illumina Genome Analyzer data, user of the Roche 454 and Applied BioSystems SOLiD™ system can benefit from the unique capabilities of NextGENe software. NextGENe has been designed to efficiently operate on low-cost 64 bit Windows computers, features a biologist-friendly Windows interface, significantly reducing the need for bioinformatics expensitures. NextGENe analysis modules include SNP/Indel detection, de novo and target assembly, Digital Gene Expression analysis, Transcriptome, ChipSeq, miRNA discovery and quantification.

Interested parties may request a free 30-day evaluation or schedule.

SoftGenetics specializes in the development of genetic analysis tools for both research and diagnostic applications. Hallmarks of SoftGenetics software tools are advanced technologies, providing exceptional accuracy, and sensitivity in easy-to use Windows® user interface.

For more information, please click the link below:
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