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Visual OMP™

Quickly and easily simulate DNA and RNA experiments on your desktop computer with an easy-to-use Windows interface.

Why Visual OMP™ is the Best
Our claim that Visual OMP™ is the Industry's Best Software for DNA & RNA Analysis & Design may sound presumptuous. Here's why we believe it's true.

• Features
Visual OMP™ is packed full of features that make it a very powerful virtual laboratory on your PC.

• The Science Behind Visual OMP™
Visual OMP™ is based on the Oligonucleotide Modeling Platform, the only software platform that uses the latest, validated, nearest-neighbor thermodynamic parameters to produce the most accurate results.

• Schedule a Live Web Demo
The best way to learn how OMP™ can greatly assist your work is to schedule a live web demo specifically tailored for you.

• Case Studies
Real-world demonstrations of the effectiveness of Visual OMP™.


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