QuRapID™ rapid direct PCR

the ultimate platform for the UltraRapid detection of any RNA or DNA species direct from a crude sample

Introducing a novel system for rapid direct PCR from a range of sample types. The system utilises a novel in-tube extraction method based on fast cyclical freezing and thawing in order to directly amplify a range of RNA and DNA targets in under 30 minutes, in a single closed tube real-time reaction.

The QuRapID™ system makes possible direct amplification of a wide range of RNA and DNA targets-without the need for a separate nucleic acid extraction and in as little as 30 minutes!

The approach consists of a novel chemistry and mastermix that utilises a rapid cyclical freeze/thawing method to release nucleic acid from the target cells in the actual PCR tube as part of a closed tube real-time PCR. Targets tested to date range from encapsidated virions to Gram negative bacteria and fungi and as such the method is applicable to a wide range of targets where time to detection and sensitivity is an absolute priority. The System uses a dedicated consumable that makes possible very rapid temperature transitions, as much as 12C/s in the liquid, and the unique construction of the system allows both rapid PCR but also freezing and thawing of your samples. By combining this with sensitive real-time optics based on spectrophotometery BioGene have provided the ultimate platform for the UltraRapid detection of any RNA or DNA species direct from a crude sample.

QuRapID UltraRapid direct PCR

The system has random access and as such is ideally suited to a laboratory setting where it is being used for the detection of pathogens as and when samples are made available and providing gold standard results in the shortest possible time. BioGene can work with end users to optimise the reagent set for individual assays but to date we have demonstrated amplification of both RNA and DNA from samples containing blood, sputum, plant matter and soil.

The software provided with the system is powerful and straightforward to use and BioGene can work with partners to automate the results calling process and as such the system is ideal for use in a diagnostic setting with 'inexpert' users such as doctors or nurses.

In summary, The QuRapID system is a novel UltraRapid system and method for the multiplexed detection of a range of RNA and DNA targets direct from crude samples-This is only the beginning of a range of releases this year based on our new 'Intelligent PCR (iPCR)®' concept.

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