Extraction Free

The QuRapID-LV™’s novel master-mix and one step closed tube process is completely extraction free even when using crude samples taken directly from the subject.
  • Lyophilised and 100% cold chain free master-mix with a 6-month shelf life
  • The lyophilised master-mix is supplied ready to use in our dedicated reaction vessel, users just need to add water and the sample
  • Economically and competitively priced assays to cater for all applications including Neglected Tropical Diseases affecting developing countries
  • Pathogen lysis, amplification, labelling and detection of nucleic acid from the target in a one-step closed tube reaction without the need for a separate extraction process
  • Crude samples taken directly from the subject such as blood, saliva, CSF and serum can be analysed
  • Minimises handling of samples reducing risk of user error, contamination and exposure

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